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The fine arts department makes a substantial contribution to the success of the school in a variety of areas like classical music & dance, instrumental music [Tabla, Mridangam, Drums, Keyboard and Guitar] Drawing and Painting, Craft and SUPW. We interweave varied art forms into our educational system thereby nurturing talent and inspiring creativity and appreciation.

The talents of students are identified and intensive coaching given to them so that they can compete at the national and state level in a variety of competitions. Students are encouraged to participate in radio and TV shows. This is made possible due to the commitment and dedication of the teachers who give students out-of-school-hours coaching.

Our achievements in the field of Art & Culture have contributed a great deal to our winning coveted awards at the National and also International level.


The National Hindi Week celebration which is being celebrated throughout India from September 14 to 30, was celebrated at Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Girinagar today. The Principal Ms.Sunitha S inaugurated the week long function by lighting the lamp. The Department of Hindi, conducted various programmes like Meera Bhajan, Bharatmata, Kawwali, Hindi Folk Dance etc. Ms.Ramani S, the Head of the Department of Hindi informed that various competitions and programmes have been planned for the following week to instill the value of patriotism in the students and to propagate the importance of Hindi language.

 International year of Light ‘LUMIERE 2015’ 11/09/2015

2015 being declared , as International Year of Light by UN, Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, Girinagar, Kochi organized “Lumiere 2015”,a one year long scientific programme on Light and its applications. It was inaugurated by Dr. C.P. Girijavallabhan, a renowned authority in Photonics, CUSAT.

This one year long programme, focussing on “ Light and its technical aspects” is a joint venture by the entire Physics departments of BVB Kochi. The inaugural function was presided by Shri. E. Ramankutty, Director, Bhavan’s Kochi Kendra. Ms. S. Sunitha, Principal, Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir, gave the introductory address on the International year of Light and the felicitation speech was done by Ms. Meena Viswanathan, Educational Officer cum Academic Consultant, Shikshan Bharathi, BVB Kochi. Physics teachers. Ms Jyothi P,Ms Kala S Pilllai and Ms Cismi also spoke on this occasion.

As a part of this one year programme, paper presentation, science exhibition, Q&A sessions, making of microscopes, telescope, articles , logo competition will be conducted for State and CBSE students, to instil scientific aptitude. To disseminate the multidimensional aspects of Photonics or otherwise called Opto-electronics, to the present generation, various programmes like workshops, discussions, paper presentation etc will be organised in the coming days.

For the inaugural function more than 100 students from 20 CBSE schools and 40 teachers participated. On the same day an” Optics show” was conducted under the leadership of Mr Jose Hilden D’cruz, physics teacher BVM Girinagar. A talk on ‘ Light and Life’ by Dr C. P. Girijavallabhan added colour to the event.