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Academics / Secondary

The school is affiliated to CBSE and follows the curriculum and methodology prescribed by the board. The curriculum is split into two semesters.

Term Period
Term - 1 June – September
Term - 2 October – March

A summative assessment is done at the end of each term. The academic session is interspersed with four formative assessments as a part of CCE. Students of class X appear for AISSE during March.
Special work education sessions are held on every third Saturday.
The options for choice of work education are

1. Photography, Editing and Publishing
2. Jewellery designing
3. Tie and Dye
4. Fabric painting
5. Best out of waste
6. Tailoring and Embroidery
7. Cookery
8. Sports & Games


The school plays host to many Competitive Exams like the National Cyber Olympiad, Maths Olympiad, Green Olympiad, IAIS Exam, CBSE Talent Search, ASSET Exam and Bhavan’s Scholarship Exam.


CLASSES VI - VIII English, Hindi, Malayalam/Sanskrit, Mathematics,Science, Social Science
CLASSES IX - X English, Hindi/ Malayalam/Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

OPTIONS OFFERED FOR CLASSES IX & X : Home Science, Introductory Information Technology