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Environmental Awareness

  • Save Energy

The members of ‘Seed’ along with Encon (Energy Conservation) club distributed small brochures containing the details of saving electricity. An awareness programme was also conducted by the club members. Each student was given a card to note down the electricity consumed in their homes.

A rally on Save Environment was conducted, in which 50 students of standard IX participated. All the students had placards saying "GO GREEN", SAVE THE TREES" ETC.

We also presented a rally by Vth standard students to inculcate the ideas of understanding and loving the environment with particular emphasis on preserving our mother earth.

  • Save Water

A collage competition was conducted for the students of Std VII at B V M Girinagar. It was based on the chemistry topic “water”. All the students participated actively with much enthusiasm. This activity helped to make the students aware of water cycle, water pollution and other important issues related to water.